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Getting Started With Information Security Guide For Beginners

Posted in Computer Security11 months ago • Written by Zabeh4 Comments

Information Security:

Information Security, often called as infosec, is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, and destruction.” –WikiPedia . Information Security (IS) basically intensifies on how to stop different kinds of threats from damaging a specific information whether that is binary files, documents,  private photos or videos and as infosec geek you need to keep those files secure and safe.

There are three main elements that give flow to the information security ; the CIA :

C = Confidentiality

I = Integrity

A = Availability

Before going deep and dive into information security there are certain requirements you need to have, for example: Do you have the basic knowledge of Networking and Programming? and the list goes on.

If you have no experience either in networking or in programming don’t worry. We all had to start from somewhere, and we all needed help to get where we are now. No one had the required skills when they born. In addition, This article assumes that you have the basic understanding of A+.


Teach yourself some rudimentary and fundamental lessons, such as TCP/IP, Routing, Switching, Protocols etc. There are comprehensive courses which cover most of the topics CompTIA Network+ is highly recommended to go through and might take a month or more (Depends on your background knowledge). There are many sources which provide online courses that you can use, for instance, Udemy, CBTNuggets, Lynda etc. In addition, If you don’t have the good foundation of networking and how it works ? it is most likely impossible to continue the information security career. On the other hand, Once you have done Network+ you are ready to move on to the next step which is Programing.


There are people around when they hear the word code, they always think how hard coding would be, but in reality coding or rather I would say programming is fun. In addition, when you write a program you give instructions to that specific program to do specific tasks. On the hand, you will be able to continue as infosec guy but you will never reach the elite level of information security. Having a good knowledge of programming you are able to understand the behavior of a program and how it works. As a result, you can debug then find vulnerabilities and patch them.

There are numerous resources, such as,, that anyone can use.



During the information security career, you may find yourself using different operating system (OS) which might be strange for some beginners but you should be able to use other operating systems parallel to windows. In addition, to this article here are some resources:






If you have any question regarding this article feel free to comment below.





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